Nothing Watch (1): Everything you need to know

    While all eyes are on the upcoming release of the Nothing Phone (2), it appears that Carl Pei’s business may also be bringing its first wristwatch to the table. Here’s what we know about the rumored Nothing Watch (1) thus far.

    When will the Nothing Watch (1) be released?

    At the time of writing, Nothing has not issued an official statement. The Nothing Phone (2) is set to be released on July 11, 2023, although we’d be amazed if the business has managed to keep a full gadget hidden until this time. As a result, it is probable that the Nothing Watch (1) will have its own launch event later this year.

    Nothing CEO Carl Pei sparked controversy in February 2023 when he tweeted that he was learning about smartwatches via a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Following that, he asked his followers to discuss how they utilize their existing smartwatches. When a reader inquired if Nothing was planning to join the wristwatch industry, Pei simply answered, “Learning about the category.” Nothing appears to be preparing a new gadget, but based on these hints, we’d estimate it won’t be until late 2023 at the earliest.

    NotebookCheck recently revealed that a new smartwatch gadget from Nothing has been detected on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification portal. This falls under the code number D395 and is reported to be from ‘CMF by Nothing’. It remains to be seen whether this is merely an early prototype, but Nothing is clearly working on something.

    How much will the Nothing Watch (1) cost?

    We still don’t have a price for the Nothing Watch (1). However, in its brief history, Nothing has established itself as a brand that specialized in mid-range items with comparable cost.

    We believe that any new smartwatch it releases will be priced similarly to the Pixel Watch, which launched at $349/£339/€379, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which is available for $279/£269/€299, or the Apple Watch SE, which is available for $249/£259/€299 if you choose the smaller 40mm size. Nothing’s smartwatch would be quite a proposal if it could fit halfway between the two devices.

    What features will be in the Nothing Watch (1)?

    As you would expect, Nothing has yet to confirm the existence of its Watch, let alone the technology contained therein. This is evident in the rumor mill, since nothing is known about the smartwatch, so it’s already living up to its moniker.

    If Nothing maintains its unusual translucent appearance, the Nothing Watch (1) may be a really eye-catching item. We doubt it will have room for the flashing Glyph lights that distinguish the Nothing Phone (1), but being able to see the device’s internals will set it apart from the throng.

    Jun Seo Oh, a designer, recently took up this subject and created these amazing representations of what the Nothing Watch (1) may look like:

    Concept render of Nothing Watch 1 Front profile with logo
    Concept render of Nothing Watch 1 front profile
    Concept render of Nothing Watch 1 rear profile
    Concept render of Nothing Watch 1 Side profile
    Concept render of Nothing Watch 1 main panel

    The components will be greatly influenced by when the watch is released. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 currently employs a 1.18GHz dual-core Exynos W920 5nm CPU behind the 1.2in circular AMOLED display. If the Nothing Watch is released in late 2023 or early 2024, this processor may have already been supplanted by a newer chip.

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