Check your emails Oculus Quest 2 owners, Meta might be giving you a free upgrade

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    If you possess an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, check your emails because Meta may be attempting to give you a free Elite Strap accessory.

    Reddit user u/claimingmarrow7 posted a screenshot of an email they claim to have gotten from Meta. They are informed that they have been issued a unique code that can be redeemed to receive a Quest 2 Elite Strap with “no strings attached” – all they have to do is take advantage of the deal before it expires on August 4, 2023.

    Right now, it’s unclear whether Meta will extend this offer to all Quest 2 players or whether it will remain limited to claimingmarrow7. We’ve reached out to Meta for clarification on how the promotion works, but Redditors responding to claimingmarrow7’s post claim that they’ve been told that it’s a “random promo” that’s only being sent to “certain activated headsets” – a response that has irritated several early adopters who feel like they’ve missed out on free goodies despite being some of the Quest 2’s most ardent supporters.

    Even if it’s just a random promotion for a few lucky people, we’d still recommend checking the inbox of your Quest account’s registered email (as well as the spam folder) to see whether you’ve also received a coupon for a free VR accessory.

    Oculus Quest 2

    What is the Elite Strap?

    The Elite Strap is a Quest 2 optional upgrade that replaces the original elastic strap with a plastic strap that tightens using a fit wheel. This mechanism provides a considerably more secure fit on your head and is more pleasant than the standard strap.

    It’s not cheap, though, with the strap often costing $59.99 / £59.99 / AU$89.99 – so receiving one for free is a steal.

    Just keep in mind that this deal looks to be for the normal Elite Strap rather than the battery-powered version. The upgraded (but more expensive) Elite Strap with battery model not only adds an extra hour or two of battery life – effectively doubling your Quest 2’s usage time – but also improves the headset’s comfort by acting as a counterweight to the headset’s typically front-heavy design.

    If you don’t obtain a voucher for a free Elite Strap from Meta and want to buy your own, the Elite Strap with battery option is the one we’d recommend because it’s well worth the extra money for folks who use their headset frequently.

    Looking for a more substantial improvement for your Quest 2? Check out our recommendations for the best VR headset to see what other alternatives are available for you to test.

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