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Quest v60 gains better boundaries and faster Pros, but drops phones

The latest Quest update “Quest v60” is rolling out with several improvements for all headsets and extra speed for the Quest Pro but drops support for phone notifications.

Meta promises that it will begin saving your boundaries in the cloud so that the Quest can detect several places without having to scan or sketch them out repeatedly. Meta will offer three new home settings in addition to the guardian enhancements.

Another intriguing enhancement for Meta’s most costly headset appears in v60. When using mixed reality games and applications in the Quest Pro, Meta dramatically increases clock speeds.

These are just a few of the top stories in v60, but there’s a lot more. Let’s go into the specifics.

3 new Quest homes

The cost of creation in a virtual environment should be low, yet Meta only provides a limited number of home situations to choose from. The number has gradually increased, and certain games, such as Asgard’s Wrath 2, contain additional dwellings.

Here are the new Meta Quest v60 home environments. | Image: Meta

Because of the sluggish rate of publication, each new collection appears to be a special event, but the current selection of Quest houses appears to be more exciting than normal.

There’s the realistic-looking Lakeside Peak, which offers a breathtaking perspective of the mountains and untouched environment. Blue Hills Gold Mine is a darkly lighted Wild West settlement. Storybook appears to be more like the typical Meta landscapes, complete with lofty arches and 3D graphic-style greenery.

When these new home surroundings are released, you should be able to personalize them by modifying the Quest home skybox to create your own design.

Better boundaries

Meta said that the v60 Quest border enhancement makes advantage of cloud computing to remember more guardians. It’s a great move if it means you can travel between several locations within the home and begin using the Quest without scanning or defining a border every time.

To take advantage of this upgrade when v60 appears on your headset, you must agree into sharing point cloud data in Privacy Settings.

Faster Quest Pro

Earlier this year, Meta increased the CPU and GPU speeds on the Quest Pro and Quest 2 to assist improve visuals in VR games and apps. Meta has done it once more, this time for mixed reality.

The latest upgrade, according to Meta, will provide the Quest Pro a “34% increase in CPU performance and up to a 19% increase in GPU performance compared to when the headset first launched.”

Meta must either improve code or boost the processor’s clock speed to make older CPUs speedier. For such a substantial improvement, it’s likely that the latter creates more heat. When utilizing mixed reality, your Quest Pro may get warmer in the future.

Quest phone notifications

You may now receive notifications from your mobile device on the Meta Quest if you link it with your iPhone or Android phone. When it works, this feature is somewhat handy. Unfortunately, it is really picky.

The phone notification function will be deactivated. Meta appears to have grown bored of navigating the difficult privacy and security restrictions of iOS and Android. This is unfortunate, but it isn’t a significant setback because this feature was just a half-measure.

Because the Quest natively supports Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, alerts from those apps display on the headset tab. Other social networking applications must be sideloaded and do not launch when the Quest notification is selected in the phone tab.

More v60 updates

You’ll be able to see common apps in other players’ profiles if they choose to share that information. This might inspire more communication among groups of like-minded gamers.

An example of a player profile in Quest v60. | Image: Meta

In games and applications that enable mixed reality, passthrough mode will be preserved. When you use passthrough in Horizon Home, your surroundings will be visible while loading a game.

Quest v60 enhances security by improving the Quest browser’s Safe Browsing and providing end-to-end encryption for cloud backups.

The new Quest system software will include a new Layout app. Meta describes it as “a tool that “helps you spatially measure, align and visualize real world things directly in your physical location.”

The Quest v60 update could take days or weeks to reach your device. The best way to get the update is to leave your headset on in standby mode and connected to a charger.

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