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Meta Quest Pro AR-VR headset review: Price, specs, features !!

The Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s newest VR headset, with features geared toward professionals rather than gamers and enthusiasts. The Quest Pro is more than just a standard Meta VR headset; it also features augmented reality capabilities, which allow virtual aspects to be integrated into the actual environment. As a result, this is a mixed-reality headset. Everything you need to know about the new Meta Quest Pro is right here.

What is the Meta Quest Pro?

The Meta Quest Pro is the most recent Meta VR headset, however it is not an update over the Meta Quest 2. While the Quest 2 is largely a VR headset geared at gamers and VR hobbyists, the VR lives true to its name by being aimed at professional users who may need to do metaverse tasks. Nonetheless, the Quest Pro functions similarly to the earlier Quest 2, and more casual users may utilize it for gaming.

The headgear contains 256GB of internal storage and a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ CPU with 12GB of RAM. The resolution of each eye is 1800×1920 pixels, or roughly the same as the Quest 2. Additionally, it features two side cameras and three front cameras. It comes with a set of hand controllers, much as the Quest 2.

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The main difference between the Quest Pro and the previous Quest 2 is that the Quest Pro includes mixed reality capabilities that can integrate virtual aspects into a picture of the real world broadcast by the headset’s cameras, whereas the Quest 2 is built completely for virtual reality. Other, less important discrepancies exist as well. It has double the memory (12GB vs. 8GB), and a more sophisticated IPD adjustment for improving vision and focus.

What is special about Meta Quest Pro?

You may be familiar with the black-and-white passthrough option in Quest 2, which disables virtual reality to allow you to view the physical world around you. The passthrough mode in Quest 2 is primarily intended to allow you to interact with the actual world without removing the headset.

The Quest Pro, on the other hand, includes a full-color, high-resolution passthrough that acts as the foundation for the headset’s mixed reality mode. You can run augmented reality simulations in the actual world, for example, or utilize your computer’s mouse and keyboard in a mixed reality experience with the correct software.

How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost?

The Meta Quest Pro is $999.99, a significant price decrease from when the Quest VR launched in October 2022 at $1,500. There are also a few extras available, such as complete light blocks that shield light coming in from the headset’s peripheral, a carrying bag, and more.

The present pricing is significantly more than the $300 Quest 2, but most casual gamers and hobbyists should definitely avoid this headset in favor of the less priced Quest 2 or the soon-to-be-released Quest 3.

Is the Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro better?

There is no simple answer to which headset is superior. The new VR is substantially superior technologically, with a faster CPU (the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ is around 50% quicker than the chipset present in the Quest 2) and more memory. However, it only offers 256GB of storage for games and programs, whereas the Quest 2 has more.

It has the same resolution as the Quest 2, but the overall display is significantly better, with a broader color spectrum that can contribute to better VR graphics. The headset itself is lighter and less bulky. It also includes a continuous IPD adjustable range of 55-75mm, making it easier for users with different interpupillary distances to find a comfortable fit. There are fewer possibilities for finding a suitable fit with the Quest 2.

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