Samsung Galaxy Book 3: ready to steal the show ?

    Along with cellphones, Samsung unveiled five new portable PCs. Four of them were visible to us ( the Book 3 Ultra still being somewhat desired ). Here are some of the initial Galaxy Book 3, Book 3 360, Book 3 Pro, and Book 3 Pro 360 returns.

    Samsung Galaxy Book 3
    Samsung Galaxy Book 3

    We were able to hold the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and learn about the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus on the sidelines of the Unpacked Galaxy. However, they were not the only items on display. On the contrary, smartphones are even outnumbered by portable PCs, which dominate this generation. There are five Galaxy Book 3 models, some of which are available in several configurations:

    • classic Galaxy Book 3 therefore ( 15.6 inches ) ;
    • Galaxy Book 3 360 ( 13.3 and 15.6 inches ) ;
    • Galaxy Book 3 Pro ( 14 and 16 inches ) ;
    • Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 ( 16 inches ) ;
    • and the intriguing Galaxy Book 3 Ultra ( 16 inches ).


    These gadgets are expensive, as we will see later. And for good reason: Samsung’s latest laptops, which use 13th generation Intel CPUs, are clearly aimed at the high-end market. Aside from the lovely aluminum feel beneath the finger, we can also applaud their rather slim design. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro has a thickness of 11.3 mm, allowing it to be conveniently stored in its bag. The weight is likewise quite low, with the model described weighing 1.17 kg and the Galaxy Book 3 360 weighing 1.16 kg.

    Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360
    Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360

    This computer finding also provided a chance to recognize that there is still a noticeable difference between the basic Galaxy Book 3 and the other models: the screen. The entry-level model – a notion to be approached with care given that we are talking about 1300 euros – is satisfied with an LCD display and 60 Hz. We are entitled to AMOLED just by passing a Book 3 360, and the retina instantly appreciates us.

    The 120Hz refresh rate designated for the Pro devices (and the Ultra) was more difficult to discern during the brief product presentation. However, the sensation of fluidity should be pleasurable with time. At first appearance, their 16:10 format – slightly more focused toward productivity – may stand out in compared to the 16:9 panels of the Book 3 and 3 360. The same can be said for the WQXGA+ resolution, which stands out quickly when compared to the Full HD of the two lowest variants. Personally, I think it’s a luxury that you soon become accustomed to on the 16-inch diagonals.

    Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

    If we focus on the 360 models, they have minimal impact when converted into tablets. Furthermore, in addition to a touch screen, they have a S Pen pen. The keyboard hinge is sturdy and a priori trustworthy, therefore there is nothing to complain about.


    We are entitled to something rather complete in terms of connection, with each time a USB-A connector, a microSD slot, and an HDMI output (2.0 only for the Pro and Ultra versions).

    A USB-C port is available on the Book 3 and Book 3 360. (Thunderbolt 4 for the second). Two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports are available on the Book 3 Pro, 3 Pro 360, and 3 Ultra.

    Port USB-A Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro
    Port USB-A Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

    Furthermore, the configurations must be searched through to see what they have in store. Meanwhile, you will have an appointment with a Core i7 U on the Book 3, a Core i5 P to a Core i7 P on the other models, up to the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which is eligible for special treatment.


    The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which we have yet to see, intends to make us salivate more than before. It has the same features as the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, but it includes a Core i7 H with an Nvidia RTX 4050 or, for a more powerful machine, a Core i9 H with an RTX 4070.

    Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

    As a result, the name was not picked at random. Samsung truly wants to be linked with the word Ultra to demonstrate that it is playing in the major leagues and that this does not simply apply to smartphones. But, when compared against Apple’s MacBook Pro M2 Pro, would all of this be enough?


    The laptops will be available from February 17, 2023. Let’s start with the lowest and work our way up to the most expensive:

    • Galaxy Book 3 ===> 1299 euros.
    • Galaxy Book 3 360 depending on the configuration ===> at least 1399 euros.
    • Galaxy Book 3 Pro depending on the configuration ===> at least 1999 euros.
    • Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 ===> 2199 euros.
    • Galaxy Book Ultra Core i7 / RTX 4050 ===> 3499 euros.
    • Galaxy Book Ultra Core i9 / RTX 4070 ===> 3899 euros.

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