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Samsung The Sero (2022) Full Review

Samsung has something to show you if you spend too much time on your smartphone browsing through TikTok videos and other portrait applications. Introducing The Sero 2022, a 4K QLED screen that can switch between a traditional 16:9 widescreen and a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio to essentially supersize your social feed.

Its reputation is not limited to rotation alone, though. The screen rotates over a large Bluetooth speaker stand, so the Sero doesn’t require AV equipment. It also works well for gaming (with certain restrictions) and gains from Samsung’s Tizen, a reliable smart TV platform.

Design & Features

  • Unique rotating design
  • Built-in stand with speakers
  • Includes solar-powered remote

The television set has a ‘T’ form when it is in the standard TV orientation. The panel reclines somewhat and is supported by a single back foot that Samsung refers to as a “Plate Stand.” Although I was anticipating some sway, it is rock-solid.

Although not customizable, the bezel is similar to the big, artistic bezel found on Samsung’s The Frame TV. There is a strong 4.1 sound system built into the screen’s base, which is recognizable by a navy blue grille, but there are no other colors available, which is unfortunate for a lifestyle TV.

A pop-out panel elegantly conceals each input on the rear panel. Three HDMI ports, including one that supports eARC, two USB ports, a CI slot, as well as inputs for satellite and terrestrial aerials, are all shown.

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A normal IR remote control and Samsung’s sleek, solar-powered Bluetooth pointer are included with the screen. The latter is the one that most obviously fits Sero’s way of life. The top right button turns the screen between orientations.

A 4K QLED screen that can rotate from a conventional 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio to a 9:16 vertical one, effectively supersizing your social feed

How exactly does the up-close TikTok experience transition to a lean-back televisual one is the obvious issue. I can confirm that all is surprisingly good. Right-clicking on the Bluetooth remote’s navigation wheel takes the place of quickly sliding your finger over the screen. Themed shortcuts to carefully selected information may be found by scrolling down.

I was taken aback by how impressive most TikTok videos were on this larger screen, which is a tribute to Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K. I was completely sold on this larger picture presentation as a frequent TikTok user.

The only issue is a brief loss of sound and vision while the screen is orienting.

Samsung The Sero 2022

The user interface adjusts to the selected aspect ratio quite efficiently. Recognizably running on Tizen, there are several subscription and catch-up streaming applications available, as well as IP-delivered Samsung Plus linear TV channels, of which there seem to be around a billion. Additionally, the TV is compatible with SmartThings gadgets.

Picture Quality

  • 4K QLED
  • Matt finish
  • Only 43in available

The Sero’s graphics are on pace with mid-range QLEDs, although it differs from its more traditional stablemates because to the matt surface.

Impressive texture control and image detail. The set’s 43-inch screen, which is the only size offered, and Quantum Processor 4K ensure that native 4K content looks extremely sharp and colorful.

The Sero is an obvious choice for brighter surroundings because of the low-glare screen’s propensity to reduce lights and light sources.

Samsung The Sero 2022

The Sero offers an autopilot setting in the form of an Intelligent Mode that automatically modifies image and sound characteristics for ambient light and content style, similar to other 2022 Samsung QLEDs. Generally, this may be left to manage things, but if you want to maximize image pop, we recommend switching to HDR Optimised rather than Eye Comfort.

You may choose from the standard image mode option, which includes Standard, Dynamic, Movie, and Filmmaker modes, if you turn off the Intelligent mode. The best overall bet is standard.

The low-glare screen makes The Sero an easy recommendation for brighter environments, as it tends to diminish lamps and light sources.

The HDR performance of the Sero is possibly better than you might anticipate. With a 10% measuring window, I calculated the peak brightness to be 530 nits. That’s plenty to increase the impression of depth in the image and create a visually appealing and dynamic image.

Support for HDR is comparable to other Samsung panels. Dolby Vision isn’t supported, but you do get HLG and HDR10+ Adaptive. Although strong, motion smoothing methods are often best used for live sports.

Samsung The Sero 2022

The Sero performs well in terms of latency even if it doesn’t enable High Frame Rate games (120Hz). With Game mode turned on, I recorded an outstanding input latency of 9.7ms (1080p/60fps). The Samsung Game Hub interface compiles apps from gaming studios and provides shortcuts to consoles that are connected.

Sound Quality

  • 4.1 built-in
  • Object Tracking Sound Lite
  • Can be used as a Bluetooth speaker

The Sero has a sound system that is superior than the norm. No weedy down-firing drivers exist in this area.

The sound system can also be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, with music streamed directly from your smartphone

Instead, Samsung’s OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology, which uses directional signals from onscreen video to move sounds in different directions, is powered by the screen base, which emits 4.1 channels of sound with a total power output of 60W.

Its auditory presentation has a weight and forcefulness that you wouldn’t anticipate from a 43-inch TV.

Samsung The Sero 2022

Additionally, the audio system may be utilized as a separate Bluetooth speaker for streaming music from your smartphone. You can choose to totally disable the TV display or pair tracks with a pulsing visualizer.

Price & Availability

Samsung’s mobile-friendly device The Sero QE43LS05B is only available in one size, which is 43 inches. Samsung now has it priced at $1,999/£1,599, and the following merchants sell it.

Even though the original 2021 model still has some remaining inventory, we are evaluating the 2022 revision, which is characterized by its matt screen finish.


With a rotating screen that can change between a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio and a landscape 16:9 orientation, Samsung’s The Sero is a distinctive lifestyle TV option. With a peak brightness of 530 nits, the QLED screen delivers exceptional HDR performance considering its specifications.

Although it might seem gimmicky, I actually like living with it. When it comes to flatscreens, you don’t frequently get to try anything completely new.

The picture quality is enough for watching television on a daily basis, the matt finish makes it a decent option for viewing during the day, and the sound quality is particularly strong.


  • 43in
  • QLED display technology
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • HDMI: x3
  • HDR support: HDR10, HLG,  HDR10+ Adaptive
  • Tizen smart platform
  • Freeview terrestrial tuner
  • 4.1 sound system
  • Dimensions: 564.7(w) x 1200(h) x 327(d)mm
  • Weight: 32.2kg
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