Honor Magic 5 : The range is coming in February

    News regarding Honor’s Magic 5, the company’s upcoming flagship phone series, is starting to circulate. Since the previous generation has been out for about a year, it is not surprising that a launch has been announced as being imminent.

    Here is all we currently know about the Honor Magic 5.

    When will the Honor Magic 5 be released?

    Honor has officially announced that it will introduce the Magic 5 and the Magic Vs foldable in Europe on February 27 at the MWC trade exhibition in Barcelona. The event will start at 1:30 local time, or 12:30 GMT, 7:30 AM, and 4:30 AM.

    Given that the Honor Magic 4 was unveiled at the same time last year at MWC, the launch schedule makes logical. Only a few versions were released in Europe and other regions despite the European launch event, while the regular and Ultimate variants were only sold in China. You most likely won’t be able to purchase the Magic 5 in North America, as you couldn’t with earlier models.

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    How much will the Honor Magic 5 cost?

    As there has been no official announcement from Honor on the pricing of the next models, we must take into account how much the prior generations cost:

    • Honor Magic 4 – ¥6,725 (approx. $999/£818/€922)
    • Honor Magic 4 Pro – £949/€1,099 (approx. $1,159)
    • Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G – £299/€349 (approx. $365)
    • Honor Magic 4 Ultimate – ¥8,677 (approx. $1,289/£1,055/€1,190)
    • Honor Magic 3 – €899 (approx. $973/£797)
    • Honor Magic 3 Pro – €1,099 (approx. $1,189/£975)
    • Honor Magic 3 Pro Plus – €1,499 (approx $1,622/£1,328)

    This list is difficult to understand since it includes a variety of currencies that might not account for local taxes and other factors. Even though Honor first introduced the Magic 3 range with pricing in Euros, the phones weren’t made available there. The Magic 4 phones came in two variants for the West and two for China, and the pricing reflected that.

    Combining everything, and assuming Honor follows the lineup of the Magic 4 generation, here are the ballpark pricing we believe you’ll see when the Magic 5 models are released:

    • Honor Magic 5 – $999/£799/€899
    • Honor Magic 5 Pro – $1,149/£949/€1,099
    • Honor Magic 5 Ultimate – $1,299/£1,049/€1,199
    • Honor Magic 5 Lite – $369/£299/€349

    These prices are undoubtedly speculative, but in our opinion, they should be reasonable. Three models were listed with the following costs in one internet post that purported to be a spec sheet for the new vehicles (the specifics of which are covered below):

    • Honor Magic 5 – ¥4,999 (approx $740/£599/€679)
    • Honor Magic 5 Pro – ¥5,999 (approx $888/£719/€819)
    • Honor Magic 5 Prestige – ¥7,999 (approx $1,185/£959/€1,093)

    These seem more affordable, which would be a nice change in today’s world of ever rising prices.

    What features will we see in the Honor Magic 5?

    We’re still waiting for Honor to make announcements regarding the specifications of its forthcoming phones, just like we did with the previous portions of this post. However, a few leaks have already reached the public, and we may make some instructive estimations about how the Magic 5 range will seem.

    A few renderings of the designs have surfaced, with this one from Twitter leaker @rodent950 being the most detailed. The circular camera area is the prominent feature on the rear, displaying a configuration that is reminiscent of the Magic 4 family of gadgets. Evidently, this design is true because the cameras here nearly resemble those in the official launch poster shown above.

    The brilliantly titled The Factory Manager is Classmate just published a post on Weibo. Guan also appears to describe the three probable components of the Magic 5 gadgets. There will be a Magic 5, Magic 5 Pro, and Magic 5 Prestige, which appears to be this year’s Pro+ or Ultimate, according to a leaked spec sheet that is included in the article.

    All will come equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets, 6.8-inch LTPO AMOLED displays, 2160Hz high-frequency dimming, HDR10+, 480Hz touch speeds, under-display fingerprint sensors, and a maximum brightness of 1,100nits. Not at all awful.

    While the Magic 5 Prestige only provides a single 12+512GB model, the Magic 5 and Magic 5 Pro will be available in 8+256GB, 12+256GB, and 12+512GB variants. Storage is UFS 4.0 and memory is LPDDR5X.

    There are some variances in the rear arrays but all front cameras use the same 13Mp Sony IMX688 sensor. A triple-lineup of 54 MP Sony IMX800 main, 50 MP Sony IMX758, and 64 MP OmniVision OV64B should be included with the Magic 5.

    The Magic 5 Pro is said to include a new Sony IMX878 sensor with OIS capability, however there are some changes. The OmniVision OV64B is back, but this time a Sony IMX516 sensor is included. The description for the Magic 5 Prestige lists a 50Mp Sony IMX516 sensor, a 50Mp Sony IMX758 sensor, a 1in Sony IMX989 sensor with OIS, and one extra unidentified camera.

    With a 5000mAh battery in the Magic 5 and 4800mAh batteries for the Pro and Prestige, battery life should be decent.

    Despite our slightly altered expectations, charging should nonetheless wow. Based on their appearances on 3C certification in China, we anticipate that all three phones will support 66W cable charging. This is impressive for the standard model but seems a little low for the Pro and Prestige considering that their predecessors supported 100W. However, both are probably to include wireless charging as well.

    Other differences include the Magic 5 having IPX54 waterproofing as opposed to the other two having IP68, as well as the Magic 5 having 2D face recognition whereas the other two have more advanced 3D recognition capabilities.

    Numerous other specifications, such as Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, USB 3.1, NFC, and MagicOS 7.0, are shared by all three variants.

    We won’t have to wait long to see the Honor Magic 5 handsets in person, but in the meanwhile, you can review our list of the greatest smartphones to see which models the range will need to beat and the top smartphones scheduled to release in 2023.

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