TCL new eye-friendly phones look good on paper

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    TCL has unveiled a pair of low-cost smartphones with paper-like displays that are intended to decrease eye strain.

    The £179 TCL 40 Nxtpaper and £219 TCL 40 Nxtpaper 5G run Android and boast full-color panels that are said to be easier on the eyes and have greater visibility in sunlight than normal LCD or OLED screens. They may also be drawn on with a stylus.

    LCD and OLED displays, which are often used on smartphones, are backlit and pixel-lit technologies, respectively. They emit blue light, which has been related to eye strain and can have an impact on mood and sleep habits if worn frequently.

    TCL believes that its Nxtpaper technology, which it also uses on some of its tablets, will help these smartphones appeal to those who do a lot of reading on their phones or want to take notes on a pocketable device that feels more paper-like when scrawling notes on it with the optional T-Pen.

    Despite their appearance, they are not E Ink devices that must be refreshed to show information. E Ink is often utilized for eReaders like Kindles and Kobos, although E Ink phones have typically been simple devices like the Light Phone 2. There are additional E Ink tablets available, such as the reMarkable 2 and the Kindle Scribe.

    Although the product names of the 40 Nxtpaper and 40 Nxtpaper 5G change simply in the addition of the word ‘5G’ on one, the two phones have different designs and specifications. I believe the cheaper, 5G-less 40 Nxtpaper looks better and more luxurious, with a cut-out selfie camera and a matt blue or pearlescent white back finish that contrasts with triple cameras in two circular modules.

    It boasts 256GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, twin speakers, and 33W wired charging. Considering this phone costs £179, their key specifications are outstanding.

    Its 6.78in FHD+ screen is likewise bigger and has a higher quality than the 40 Nxtpaper 5G’s 90Hz 6.6in HD+ panel, which sports an older-looking teardrop selfie camera.

    I have yet to get my hands on either model to see how the displays work and whether I’d suggest these as your primary smartphone.

    TCL has yet to announce complete availability, although both models will be available in the UK and Europe soon, with a possible US release later in the year.

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