The next iPhone SE might move an iPhone 15-style design

    But don't expect it before 2025

    The iPhone SE series has been successful since its debut introduction in 2016. It’s no surprise, given that it provides the fundamental Apple smartphone experience at a lower cost.

    Apple’s most current iPhone SE debuted in 2022. While the iPhone 8-style design is stunning in many aspects, it differs significantly from the current iPhone 15 smartphones.

    Many fans are clamoring for Apple to update the design of the cheapest iPhone. A fourth generation is likely, however speculations about the phone are inconsistent, and it may never materialize.

    Here’s what we know thus far.

    When will the iPhone SE 4 be released?

    One of the major questions about the iPhone SE 4 is if it will emerge at all.

    Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, announced in January 2023 that plans for the iPhone SE in 2024 had been canceled, only to announce in February 2023 that the project had been revived. Then, in April 2023, Kuo claimed that the model he was referring to may be an engineering prototype, and that “there are no plans for mass production and sales.”

    The iPhone SE series will not be launched on a set timetable, as is the case with the flagship iPhones that are produced annually. Here’s when prior models were launched:

    • iPhone SE (2016) – March 2016
    • iPhone SE 2 (2020) – April 2020
    • iPhone SE 3 (2022) – March 2022

    Apple first announced the iPhone SE in 2016, followed by a revised edition with larger storage choices in 2017, and then better models in 2020 and 2022. If this biennial release schedule continues, a new model should be available before the end of 2024.

    A story from MacRumors appears to reveal that Apple is really working on the next iPhone SE, but expert Jeff Pu thinks it will not be available until 2025.

    Another claim from Korean blog The Elec confirms this, indicating that the production of the next iPhone SE will be delayed until 2025. It appears that Apple is relying only on a firm called BOE to supply screens for the iPhone SE 4, and this panel maker is experiencing “performance issues.”

    At this moment, we don’t know which of these dates is more plausible, or whether Apple intends to produce another iPhone SE.

    How much will the iPhone SE 4 cost?

    Apple has been slightly increasing the price of the phone over the last few years. Here’s how much previous models cost at their initial launch:

    Given this pattern, it is probable that the iPhone SE 4 will be more expensive than its predecessor, especially if it features an upgraded design.

    However, to keep it enticing, Apple will want to avoid pricing it too close to the iPhone 15’s starting price of $799/£799.

    What specs and features will the iPhone SE 4 have?

    If Apple does end up releasing the iPhone SE 4, it’s likely to be a significant update, if rumours and leaks are anything to go by.

    Design & display

    According to MacRumors and X leaker Unknownz21, the iPhone SE 4 will be a significantly modified version of the iPhone 14, featuring a 6.1-inch full-screen display.

    Apple’s iPhone SE 4 is rumored to include a notch instead of a Touch ID Home button. Given the SE’s estimated pricing, it’s unclear whether the Face ID and TrueDepth camera systems will be as sophisticated as those seen on top iPhones.

    The iPhone SE is the last model with an LCD display, however it is expected to move to OLED technology. According to The Elec, China’s BOE will offer the iPhone SE 4’s display, which is expected to be similar to the one seen in the normal iPhone 14 model.

    Unknownz21 also reports that the iPhone SE 4 will have an Action Button in place of the phone’s mute switch on the side. However, given that this functionality is now confined to the iPhone 15 Pro versions, a conventional mute switch is more plausible right now – though this may change by the time Apple is ready to release it.

    It’d be a big surprise not to see a USB-C port on the iPhone SE 4, considering it’s mandated by the EU and on all iPhone 15 models. On X (formerly Twitter), creator Shea has made renders of what the phone might look like:

    However, more recent information revealed by leaker Majin Bu on X implies that the iPhone SE 4 would have a design similar to the current iPhone 16 still in development, with the Dynamic Island and a single vertical back camera.

    The stated measurements are comparable to those of the 2018 iPhone XR, measuring about 150.9 mm in height, 75.7 mm in width, and 8.3 mm in depth. Majin Bu cautions caution when considering these supposed design specifics, citing the early nature of the information.


    Details about the chip in the iPhone SE 4 are few, but if the phone does receive a significant upgrade based on the iPhone 14, it would be reasonable to expect Apple’s A15 Bionic chip.

    The iPhone SE has the same A15 processor as the iPhone 13 and 14 versions. It’s possible that the next iPhone SE 4 may use a previous-generation processor. That is why we anticipate it to include the Apple A16 Bionic chip.


    The newest iPhone SE comes with a 12MP camera. The forthcoming ‌iPhone SE‌ 4 may have a single-lens camera to save money, but it might possibly include the 48Mp main lens from the ‌iPhone 15 (seen below).

    iPhone SE

    However, speculations say that Apple has been testing alternative camera configurations for the iPhone SE 4. As a result, it is unclear what the final conclusion will be, and it is conceivable that no decision has been made yet.

    Battery & charging

    Assuming the iPhone SE 4 has a larger overall footprint than its predecessors, a larger battery is also possible.

    According to a source close to MacRumors, the iPhone SE 4 would purportedly utilize the iPhone 14’s battery. If genuine, this 3279mAh cell would represent a 60% increase over the 2022 model.

    Even with a low 2,018 mAh capacity, the latest iPhone SE 3 battery provides two more hours of video playback than the SE 2. This means that the iPhone SE 4’s battery life might improve significantly.

    However, we do not have any certain information about this and it is only speculation.


    The iPhone SE 4 will most likely debut with iOS 17 if it arrives early this year.

    However, if its release is in 2025, it will surely run iOS 18 straight out of the box.


    Ming-Chi Kuo revealed in April 2023 that Apple was testing its in-house 5G baseband processor with the iPhone SE 4 prototype. A MacRumors report verifies this.

    The current ‌iPhone SE‌ already includes 5G technology. It’s likely that the next-generation device will have an improved 5G processor with extended compatibility for more bands.

    It’s possible that this is the first iPhone to feature Apple’s in-house modem chip, although this is not confirmed yet.

    That’s all we currently know about the highly anticipated iPhone SE 4. We’ll update this article when we find anything new.

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