What exactly is Twitter Blue, and is it the same as X Premium?

    In an era when social media platforms are constantly looking for new ways to improve user experiences, X (previously known as Twitter) isn’t going to give consumers free goods. That is why it provides an optional subscription service. It’s called X Premium, and before Elon Musk’s drastic name change, it was known as Twitter Blue.

    But what exactly is X Premium, and is it worthwhile to pay for it?

    What is X Premium?

    X Premium is a premium membership program that provides customers with special features and privileges like as verification, the ability to edit tweets (now called posts), and extra two-factor authentication. While authentication is the most noticeable aspect of X Premium, there are various additional benefits for customers.

    Verification and blue checkmarks

    While the blue checkmark is now available to a large number of X users, it is still not available to everyone because the subscription service is not offered in every country. Meeting the qualifying conditions after subscribing is required for obtaining verified account status.

    Long-term users who match the verification criteria should see the blue checkmark appear on their account within a few days of subscribing. It’s worth mentioning that for X Premium users, altering your display name, username, or profile image may result in a temporary loss of the blue checkmark. In addition, violation of the company’s terms of service or purchaser terms may result in the tick being removed.

    For more on how to get the blue checkmark on X, visit the official X Help Center website.

    X Premium features

    The only feature included with X Premium is verification. Subscribers receive a lot more, and here’s a list of the greatest ones:

    1. App icon customisation – If you’re using X on your phone, you can customise its icon to make it more appealing in your home screen.
    2. Edit posts – X Premium gets you a 30-minute time window to make a limited number of changes to your post after publishing it.
    3. Undo posts – Along with the edit option, there’s also an undo button which allows you to retract a post after you send it but before it’s publicly viewable.
    4. Text formating – Subscribers can also add bold or italics to their posts.
    5. Bookmark folders – Your bookmarked posts can be grouped into folders and then organized. What’s worth mentioning, you can have an unlimited number of bookmarks and folders, and on top of that they stay private.
    6. Longer posts – X Premium extends the character limit in a post to 4,000 (normal users have to stick to 280-character limit).
    7. Longer videos – Videos can be uploaded in 1080p and up to 60 minutes (via web) or 10 minutes (via app).
    8. Reader mode – This feature improves reading long threads, making it more clear and taking away distractions.
    9. Two-factor authentication – Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber to get access to two-factor authentication (2FA) which gives you extra security against losing your account.
    10. X Pro (formerly know as TweetDeck) – A powerful tool that lets you monitor multiple timelines on a single screen, track and organize content, and engage with your audience.

    If you want to know more about all of the features that come with X Premium, you can read about them on the Twitter website.

    How much is X Premium?

    X Premium is now accessible as a subscription service in specific locations, with cost varying depending on where you live. X Premium costs £11 in the UK and $11 in the US a month on iOS and Android at the time of writing, but it’s cheaper if you join up directly.

    The Twitter website (the URL remains but will soon change to, which provides both monthly and annual memberships, is the most cost-effective option to access X Premium. The monthly plan is £9.60/$8.00 per month and can be cancelled at any time. The yearly membership is the best value for long-term savings, at £100.80/$84.00, or £8.40/$7.00 each month.

    The price discrepancy across platforms is due to Apple Store and Google Play Store rules, which require iOS and Android customers to pay extra costs.

    Is Premium X the same on Android, iOS and web?

    X, the software, and its subscription, X Premium, should function the same way regardless of platform. Subscribing to one platform grants you access to all features, which you may then use wherever you wish.

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