The iPhone 15 Ultra reappears ultra late

    The next Apple presentation should take place on September 12 or 13, 2023, and not just any event: the debut of the iPhone 15. Some theories contradict each other regarding the identity of the iPhone 15 Pro Max: it will be dubbed the iPhone 15 Ultra. In any event, a fresh leak is heading in this route.

    An iPhone 15 Ultra for this year

    Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman was the first to announce the iPhone 15 Ultra, discussing the name change in September 2022. A plan to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra or Xiaomi’s 13 Ultra. Other experts and leakers followed in his footsteps.

    In fact, Apple has already included the Ultra classification in their offering… of linked watches. The Apple Watch Ultra was designed to stand out from the crowd with its high-end specifications. Perhaps Apple will do it again with their iPhone range this time.

    This time, it’s AppleInsider’s Andrew O’Hara who reveals a new leak in a post on X, Twitter’s new moniker. According to his knowledge from many sources, the most high-end iPhone 15 would most likely be dubbed ” iPhone 15 Ultra “.

    It also suggests that it will be the iPhone with the biggest screen ever seen on a model of the brand. It’d have a 10x telephoto lens, titanium edges, an action button instead of a bell button, and “most likely the new 3nm etched A17 Bionic chip.”However, Andrew O’Hara’s disclosures do not appear to be the most trustworthy: he even admits that the smartphone’s telephoto lens might deliver x6 magnification.

    Apple may change the name of its best iPhone at the last moment

    There is no assurance that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be named such. Apple (and all other manufacturers) employ a code name during the creation of a product, which may change during development. This is not always the name under which the product will be sold.

    According to MacRumors, which first reported the leak, it was expected that the AirPods Max would be dubbed AirPods Studio, and that visionOS would be called xrOS. Apple still has the option of changing the name of its next smartphone in order to confuse leakers while keeping people talking about it.

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