Apple has revealed the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which have titanium bodies and an Action Button.

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    Apple has officially unveiled its two high-end iPhones, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. They’re constructed of titanium, feature Action Buttons, and Apple claims they’re the most powerful cellphones the company has ever produced. The iPhone 15 Pro starts at $999 for 128GB of storage and goes up to $1,199 for 256GB of storage. Both will be available for pre-order on Friday and will be available for purchase on September 22nd.

    The Pro has a 6.1-inch screen this year, while the Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display, which is the same as the new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. Both are powered by Apple’s A17 Pro CPU, which the company claims boasts the quickest performance of any smartphone and can even compete with certain high-end PCs. Along with a new GPU, Apple appears to believe these devices are prepared to elevate the kind of games available on your phone. (Of course, Apple makes a lot of noise about high-end gaming, and the outcomes… don’t always match.)

    Both phones, of course, feature a USB-C connector on the bottom rather than the old Lightning one. However, in the case of the 15 Pro, it might be for more than just charging: Apple claims that the 15 Pro is the first phone with 10Gbps transfer rates, making it far simpler to get photographs and movies (or huge files of any type) off your phone.

    All of that power is contained within a new, tougher casing, which Apple claims is some of the hardest material found on a phone anywhere in the industry. Based on what we’ve seen thus far in the video, it doesn’t appear to be a major difference, but it is. The new gadgets are available in white, black, blue, and “natural” colors. And, of course, Apple is quite proud of the intricate engineering that went into the process.

    The Action Button, which replaces the ringer switch on the left side of the iPhone Pro, is a new button that you can personalize to launch shortcuts, open the camera, turn on the flashlight, and more. It’s still a ringer switch by default, but you’ll want to utilize it for more.

    The ringer switch is dead. Long live the Action Button. Credit: Dan Seifert / The Verge

    Both the Pros have Super Retina XDR screens with ProMotion and support both the always-on display and iOS 17’s new StandBy mode.

    Apple’s marketing head, Greg Joswiak, stated that the 15 Pro and Pro Max will boast Apple’s finest cameras yet – the equivalent of seven separate lenses. This features an enhanced 48-megapixel camera that, according to Apple, produces better low-light photographs, captures less lens flare, and leverages Apple’s AI technologies to capture full-resolution HEIF photos. Within the primary camera, you may now change your default lens and shoot at three different focal lengths: 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm. You can also receive up to 5x optical zoom to 120mm focal length, which is the most Apple has ever given. Obviously, fans of Samsung’s newest cameras won’t be blown away by the specs here, but they’re a significant boost for iPhone owners.

    On the video front, you’ll be able to shoot 4K60 ProRes footage on the devices or even straight to an external drive through the USB-C connection (if you have the correct connector). The 15 Pro can also shoot “spatial videos,” similar to the 3D content we’ve seen with the Vision Pro. It’s apparent that Apple envisions the 15 Pro as both a consumer gadget and a truly professional tool for the world’s creators and filmmakers. Joswiak described it as “our best and most professional iPhone ever.”

    iPhone 15 Pro
    The 15 Pro and Pro Max have upgraded cameras with better zoom and super high resolutions. Image: Dan Seifert

    Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new gadgets at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, at the Wanderlust event, however the rumor mill has been churning for months (as it often does). In terms of how you’ll use your iPhone, iOS 17 will bring some of the biggest changes this year: the new StandBy mode may change how you use your phone when it’s turned off, interactive widgets may redesign a lot of homescreens, and features like Live Voicemail and Contact Posters may have you making phone calls every now and then.

    The basic versions receive the items from last year’s Pro — like the Dynamic Island and some of the camera tech, even the A16 Bionic CPU — and the Pros are the guinea pigs for Apple’s huge new ideas.

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