Apple iPad 10.9 (11th Gen): Everything you need to know

    Since its first debut in 2010, Apple has introduced no less than ten iterations of the ordinary iPad.

    If rumors are to be believed, another one is on the way shortly. Apple appears to have no intentions to discontinue its cheapest iPad, but don’t anticipate any improvements on the upcoming model.

    Here’s everything we know about the normal 11th Generation iPad so far, from a possible release date and pricing to essential specs and features.

    When will the new iPad (11th Gen) be released?

    The new iPad was scheduled to be unveiled at Apple’s October 2023 event, which was entirely focused to Macs.

    As a result, it is probable that the new iPads will not be released until next year. This is also consistent with what leaker Ming-Chi Kuo stated in September: no new iPads in 2023.

    If accurate, it would be the first year since the iPad’s launch without at least one new model.

    However, it is most probable that it will be released in the first half of 2024. If prior years give any indication, Apple’s next event might take place in March or April. Or, if the upgrades are small, Apple may just issue the new standard iPad via press release.

    How much will the new iPad (11th Gen) cost?

    Here’s how previous generations of entry-level iPads were priced at their initial launch:

    • 10th-gen iPad – $449/£499
    • 9th-gen iPad – $329/£319

    Looking back at the 10th-generation iPad, the price has risen by $120 in the US and £180 in the UK.

    While we are confident that costs will remain the same this time around, especially given the slight enhancements compared to the 10th-generation iPad, this may not be the case. It’s probable that we’ll see a gadget that costs $499/£499 or more.

    What specs and features will the new iPad (11th Gen) have?

    Back in January, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman warned that the entry-level iPad upgrade could not bring substantial improvements – simply new internals, which could merely include a CPU.

    Previously, Apple insider Majin Bu speculated that the 11th-generation iPad will include an M2 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. While this is an optimistic vision, it would imply that the iPad Pro’s base specifications (6GB/128GB) would be inferior to this less expensive gadget.

    However, due of the habit of equipping each new entry-level iPad with a processor that is one generation older, the most likely upgrade for the 11th-generation iPad is the adoption of the A15 Bionic chip. The A14 Bionic processor powers the 10th-generation iPad, making the A15 the obvious choice for the future model.

    Majin Bu also claims that the new iPad would keep the same design as the 10th-generation tablet, as well as complete accessory compatibility.

    Majin Bu is known for spreading rumors from a variety of sites, including Weibo, albeit the authenticity of the material varies. He also implied in the message that the next 11th-generation iPad will be released in October, which we now know did not happen.

    Having said that, the next entry-level 11th-generation iPad may see advancements in other areas, including as compatibility for the second-generation Apple Pencil. But it’s unclear what else may change.

    It would be surprising if Apple released an iPad with such little updates, but it is still possible.

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