Apple: the big transformations that we expect in 2023

    Apple transformations is planning multiple strategic adjustments, notably in Europe, and 2023 might be a watershed moment. Among the major ruptures that we would want to see are a mixed reality helmet, USB-C on the iPhone, unification of the iPad and the HomePod, sideloading, and a new Mac Pro.

    Apple appears to have reverted to a pretty traditional cycle of product renewal since the huge shift in design for its Macs in 2020. We can even estimate what they will release and with what enhancements. AirPods at the iPhone, passing via the iPad and the MacBook, we are now used to the modern Apple catalog.

    The year of the break might be 2023. The one in which Apple would make substantial changes for the future.


    You must already approach the virtual elephant in the middle of the room. Apple was supposed to launch a whole new product category in 2023, something the company does not do every day. Rumors agree on a spring presentation of a mixed reality helmet to begin enticing developers to join this expedition.

    apple transformations

    His assumed price of $ 3,000 would make the product initially unavailable. However, by the time Meta sells a Meta Quest Pro for 1800 dollars, one would ask what Apple will provide to justify such a price.

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    The company is anticipated to significantly improve the user experience. She has always managed to stand out in this regard, and we eagerly await the brilliant ideas of her engineers to compete with Meta’s discoveries. The latter appears to have acquired such an early lead in the field that Apple’s aim intrigues us.


    2023 will be a year of transition for Apple, as well as novelty. The company should eventually discard its Lightning connector in favor of incorporating a USB-C connection in its iPhone 15. Apple has already confirmed it. Obviously, Europe is pushing the company on this, but it should allow its smartphone to deliver significantly quicker data transfer and maybe improved wired charging.

    apple transformations

    With the commencement of this shift, Apple should eventually move all of its other devices to USB-C. Keyboards and mouse, as well as AirPods, will undoubtedly be next on the list. This may have to wait until 2024, but Apple should surely implement the standard market connection in the next 18 months.

    Apple may potentially reassess its iPhone lineup and, for the first time, release an Ultra iPhone. The iPhone 15 Ultra would include a titanium body and a new periscopic telephoto lens capable of giving an unprecedented level of magnification on an iPhone.


    Following the approval of USB-C, 2023 seems to be Apple’s year of opening up to competition. iPhones sold in the EU, in particular, should have access to other app shops besides the App Store. The company also helped to enhance wireless charging by providing some MagSafe technology.

    apple transformations

    When we put the jigsaw pieces together, we see that we may have the right to an iPhone before the end of the year that recharges like an Android smartphone and has access to the same apps as its rivals. We consider gaming cloud applications or Fortnite, which has been removed from the App Store.


    For a few years, Apple has been counting on its services to achieve ever greater growth. Apple One, featuring Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV Plus, is becoming increasingly appealing. Apple wants to be the heart of your home more than ever with the introduction of Matter. That explains the departure from Homepod and the concept of a new product scheduled for 2023.

    The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation

    This new product would be a combination of Homepod, Apple TV, and the iPad: an all-in-one gadget for your living room or kitchen that would be centered on the usage of a touch screen. Enough to boost the American behemoth’s services even further.

    Now is the moment to admit that we are certainly looking forward to the repercussions and new productions of Apple TV Plus in 2023, beginning with the second season of the outstanding series Ted Lasso.


    Apple has already discontinued the majority of its Intel-based workstations, but there is still one product in the massive catalog that uses this sort of processor: the Mac Pro. It is the office machine, with a starting price of 6,499 dollars.

    apple transformations

    Apple might replace this next Mac with its own Apple Silicon CPUs in 2023. To outperform Mac Studio, the company would include an Apple M2 Extreme processor in the boxes. This new computer would be the most powerful Apple has ever sold, as well as the pinnacle of its ARM architecture in its current configuration.

    What makes you inquisitive about Apple’s level of performance and how it compares to the latest AMD, Intel, and Nvidia goods in the PC sector. Many doubts surround the upcoming Mac Pro, particularly its potential to be updated by the user, i.e. add your own RAM. This versatility was one of the Mac Pro’s assets in the Apple ecosystem.

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