Niche Zero Review- Is this Coffee Grinder Still Worth it in 2024?

    Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to test a variety of coffee grinders. From commercial grinders to high-end single-dose grinders. So in this article Niche Zero Review, a grinder that has been on the market for a few years. While the grinder appears to have some great capabilities, it does have some downsides.

    In this piece, I will discuss the Niche Zero. We’ll go over its features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as answer some common questions concerning the grinder. Right now, everyone is wondering if the Niche Zero is still worthwhile in 2024.


    Niche Zero Review


    The Niche Zero is a unique coffee grinder that has grown in popularity among coffee connoisseurs. It is specifically intended for coffee enthusiasts who want the finest in terms of grind quality, consistency, and efficiency. Despite its notoriety, I am concerned about the Niche Zero now that new grinders have entered the game.

    Features of the Niche Zero

    • Mazzer 63mm conical burrs
    • Stepless grind adjustment
    • Minimal grind retention
    • Quiet operation
    • Compact design

    Niche Zero Review

    Consistency is a crucial consideration when selecting a coffee grinder. The Niche Zero grinds inconsistently. The particle size distribution is slightly wider, making it an excellent choice for medium roast coffee and simple to dial in. I got excellent results with the CF WDT and a Weber espresso paper filter.

    This similar trait makes pouring over coffee less appealing, as the particle size dispersion may result in poor extraction and an unsatisfactory cup of coffee.


    Grind retention is one of the most significant issues with household coffee grinders. This occurs when coffee grounds remain in the grinder, causing your adjustments to be incorrect. On the Niche Zero, this is less of an issue. It’s been intended to reduce grind retention. This ensures that you get the most out of your coffee beans.

    Niche Zero Mods

    With such a large community behind the Niche Zero, mods were bound to emerge. If you want to take your grinder to the next level, there are plenty excellent mods available. I compiled a list of a few tweaks that I enjoy and that enhance what I dislike about the grinder. While not required, they can make a significant difference with pour-over. The majority of the mods available are from S Works Design.


    The Bellows is one of the most popular Niche Zero mods. This mod helps you achieve 0% retention, which is very crucial when combined with the flat burr mod.


    This patch is ideal for those looking to improve grind consistency. It replaces conical burrs with flat burrs, allowing you to get the desired profile.


    This mod is ideal for anyone looking to make espresso with the Niche Zero. It makes grinding into the portafilter easier.


    This mod is just decorative and adds a beautiful, elegant touch to your Niche Zero.

    The Pros and Cons of the Niche Zero


    • Stepless grind adjustment
    • Minimal grind retention
    • Quiet operation
    • Compact design
    • Large modding scene


    • Expensive compared to other grinders
    • Grind size distribution

    Maintenance & Cleaning

    Maintaining and cleaning your coffee grinder is vital to ensuring that it continues to function properly. Accessing the burrs is quick, and you may extract all of the coffee oils. It is recommended that you clean your grinder on a regular basis to avoid coffee oils from accumulating and affecting the taste of your coffee. The manufacturer gives explicit instructions on how to do this.

    The Final Verdict – Is the Niche Zero Still Worth it in 2024?

    The Niche Zero is a popular coffee grinder with some outstanding features, but it also has some downsides. While the stepless grind adjustment and compact design are enticing, the wide particle size distribution and expensive price make it a less desirable option. Despite its flaws, the Niche Zero is still a worthwhile buy for coffee connoisseurs who choose body over clarity in espresso.

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