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Best cheap wireless headphones in 2022


True wireless earbuds were a real revolution when they were released in 2015, and they were democratized at dizzying pace. Their average price is falling as their functions become more and more comprehensive: effective active noise reduction is therefore a big element of this selection.

There’s no need to empty your financial account; you can buy quite decent wireless headphones for around 100 dollars, and even under 80 dollars. We have chosen the best recommendations for you to make your task easier and to help you navigate this sea of references.

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Carl Pei’s (co-founder of OnePlus) new company’s first product: low-cost Bluetooth headphones. A choice that is not unexpected given that headphones are among the most dynamic goods on the market right now. Their clear plastic design clashes, but we think it works surprisingly well. We also value the high production quality and IPX4 certification.

Nothing Ear 1

Although the pairing is quick and the Bluetooth 5.2 connection is stable, the latency is considerable and multipoint is not present.

When it comes to sound, the Ear (1) is quite cautious. The depiction is well balanced, and all frequency ranges are adequately represented, with an excellent stereo picture. But it’s their active noise reduction that really sets them apart at this price range.

Autonomy, on the other hand, is below average: 5 hours with active noise suppression and 1 hour 25 minutes for the box to charge completely. Surprisingly, the latter is Qi wireless charging compatible.

Without completely changing the market, the Ear (1) delivered a solid kick in the anthill of the entry-level and imposed themselves as our current preference.

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Manufacturers continue the price battle as soon as we find inexpensive and good wireless headphones. Realme is definitely lowering prices with its Buds Air 3, and following the Buds Air 2. Despite this, the headphones have a very good manufacturing quality. Even better, they are comfy and stay in the ears quite well. Finally, the casing is small and light.

 Realme Buds Air 3
Realme Buds Air 3

The little Buds Air 3 improve on their predecessors, which were already quite successful. They gain multipoint Bluetooth, which was previously absent. The active noise reduction, which is uncommon in this price range, performs admirably. Even in the face of considerably more costly equipment, the latter has nothing to be embarrassed of. We’re in a bubble indoors, but she’s also good at transportation. There is also a transparent option for individuals who want to hear what is going on around them.

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Even if the overall sound reproduction is lacking in treble, the sound reproduction is commendable. The least successful aspect of these headphones is their fairly limited battery life, which sits at slightly over 5 hours (with active noise reduction).

Overall, we must acknowledge that, for the price, the Buds Air 3 are a huge success. Realme provides us with a product that has limitations, but is well-balanced and free of severe problems.

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Huawei continues to produce outstanding accessories, such as these FreeBuds 4i, which guarantee active noise reduction at an unbelievable price in the world of smartphones.

These Bluetooth headphones have an in-ear design and employ the stem style that Apple has become accustomed to with its AirPods. If the finish does not break three legs to a duck, there is comfort at the rendezvous.

Huawei FreeBuds 4i
Huawei FreeBuds 4i

If not audiophile, the Freebuds 4i have the advantage of being balanced and usually enjoyable to listen to. It lacks certain dynamics, but at this price, we’re not going to be picky. The active noise reduction, for its part, is not transcendent. It muffles continual noise, but don’t expect much more. Nonetheless, considering the price, it is a welcome addition.

However, autonomy is superb, clocking in at over 7:45 with active noise suppression. The main drawback is that the case only delivers slightly more than a full charge. Despite not being the greatest on a technological level, the FreeBuds 4i make an impression because to their exceptionally low pricing for their services.

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With the WF-1000XM4, the Japanese company has earned a name for itself in the realm of wireless headphones. Sony’s WF-C500 similarly targets the entry-level market. To do this, the company focuses on audio quality that few rivals in this price range can match.

Sony WF-C500 headphones
Sony WF-C500 headphones

Another advantage of Sony’s low-cost wireless headphones is its independence. A total cycle time of 12 hours is permitted, which is quite long for this product category. The volume may be controlled directly with the WF-C500. Their comfort in all settings is highly valued, particularly during sports activities.

Some counterparties must yet be dealt with. You must initially compose without active noise reduction, a feature that is becoming increasingly popular among competitors. The microphones provide mediocre call quality. Sony headphones, however, are among the finest in their class.

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Sennheiser is more focused on the high end, although it does provide some fascinating solutions for those on a tighter budget. CX True Wireless are a prime example. They keep the superb CX 400 BT’s especially light design. As a result, we find imposing headphones that are also comfy and IPX4 certified.

The main feature of this model is its amazing audio rendering, which is far superior to what is available at this price range. The sound is crisp, and the stereo representation is really pleasing. As an added bonus, Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX compatibility are included. The autonomy is great, lasting 8 hours on a single charge.

In exchange for all of these benefits, you will be without active noise reduction and wireless charging. In our perspective, compromises are more than acceptable. The CX True Wireless, which is somewhat more costly than our price restriction, is frequently on sale.

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Oppo, well known for its smartphones, has its own Bluetooth headphones. These Enco Free 2 have a traditional design (not to mention have been seen and reviewed), but they have a very good finish for their price. The storage case is small enough to fit in a pocket and opens with one hand.

After selecting the appropriate tips, we discover a set of pleasant headphones that are easily forgotten while being securely connected to our esgourdes. There is also no need to re-adjust them.

The Bluetooth connection is quite solid, and we have the option to multipoint between two devices, which is unusual at this price point. This is useful if you frequently use the same headphones for your smartphone and your computer.

The headphones, created in collaboration with Dynaudio, provide nice sound but are not especially accurate. When the mids and lows are present, the high frequencies trail slightly, especially at high volume. Special note should be made of the microphones, which record good sound without interference from surrounding noise. In this pricing range, active noise reduction is at the top of the basket, removing ambient noise without concern.

Finally, our autonomy is a little low: we only lasted 4:20 with active noise reduction. If they do not disrupt the market, these headphones stand out for their unique features at this price point and excellent comfort.

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We have purposefully kept our selection minimal, but here are some more models that may pique your interest, especially if you see them in our fantastic plans!



Wireless headphones are really Bluetooth headphones, except that there are no cables between them, hence the phrase “truly wireless.” They are thus suitable for individuals who do not want to clutter up their ears or who dislike having hot ears. Even if their autonomy is fairly limited in comparison to a helmet, they are always given with a box that allows them to be recharged several times. A growing number of models have features such as active noise reduction.


On paper, genuine wireless earbuds are perfect for athletics. However, you should keep a few things in mind. The first consideration is your attire; you don’t want them slipping out of your ears while jogging. Another feature is water resistance. Sweat is corrosive, so make sure your headphones don’t allow in a single drop. If you want to use your headphones for exercise frequently, ensure sure they are at least IPX4 certified.


Wireless headphones are one of the most dynamic goods on the market right now, with an astonishing number of manufacturers producing their own models. We will remember manufacturers like Huawei, Realme, and Jabra for their great value for money at the beginning level.


Manufacturers must certainly make sacrifices in order to reduce the price. Among the most notable is a reduction in audio quality, even if the inexpensive headphones are far from deplorable. The primary criterion for separation is active noise reduction, which will be significantly less effective or simply not present. We will also have to forego small conveniences like wireless charging, high-quality audio codecs, and, in many cases, a single-point Bluetooth connection. In general, autonomy will be reduced.

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