MagicOS 7.0 (Android 13) is already available; below is a list of supported devices.

    Honor has unveiled MagicOS 7.0, their version of Android 13 that replaces Magic UI 6.2. The news is accompanied by a preliminary list of upgraded cellphones.

    As Honor prepares to unveil the Honor 80 and its likely 160 megapixel sensor, the Honor 70’s successor, the Chinese company has now confirmed the debut of Android 13 on its devices. Surprisingly, the interface, which was previously known as MagicUI 6.2, has been renamed MagicOS 7.0.

    We anticipate a primarily visual upgrade based on the first aspects given by the brand on its website. The application icons have been redesigned, the animations have been improved, and the typeface has been altered.

    Source : GSM Arena


    The Chinese behemoth is still bringing some new features, called “important technological blessings.” They are as follows:

    • Magic Ring : Honor emphasizes the interconnectedness of its gadgets once more. Its PCs, phones, and tablets can all function together as a supplementary screen, complete with keyboard and mouse.

    • Magic Live smart engine: We can effectively interpret two things under this phrase. YOYO, the voice assistant, should provide tiles at the top of the screen that fit your current needs, such as a boarding pass on the day of a flight. Reading literature and finding crucial elements to copy should also be made easier.


    • OS Turbo X : This is without a doubt the most intriguing point: Honor promises improved performance with its new UI. The group defines the benefit as follows: program freezes should be reduced by 43%, and application start times should be reduced by an average of 29%. More crucially, greater optimization might add another twenty to thirty minutes to the autonomy.

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    • MagicGuard Glory Security : Without going into specifics, Honor combines several privacy and security elements, including the capacity to combat fraud.


    Honor has also released a list of phones that are calendar compatible with MagicOs. Keep in mind that the latter is focused at the Chinese market and that there may be differences from the European market. This already gives you a sense of who will be updated first.

    • DECEMBER 2022 

    Honor Magic V
    Honor Magic 3 Ultimate Edition
    Honor Magic 3 Pro
    Honor Magic 3
    Honor V40

    • JANUARY 2023

    Honor Magic 4 Supreme Edition
    Honor Magic 4 Pro
    Honor Magic 4

    • FEBRUARY 2023 

    Honor 70 Pro+
    Honor 70 Pro
    Honor 70

    • MARS 2023

    Honor 60 Pro
    Honor 60
    Honor 50 Pro
    Honor 50

    • APRIL 2023

    Honor X40 GT

    • MAY 2023

    Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition
    Honor X40
    Honor X30


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