Windows 11: dark mode will be more easier to reach in the near future.

    Microsoft intends to include a feature in Windows 11 Action Center that allows users to effortlessly switch between the system’s bright and dark modes.

    In Windows 11, there is no automatic switching between bright and dark modes… nor is there a mechanism to easily move between them. According to Neowin, Microsoft wants to remedy at least one of these two issues. According to the specialist site, Microsoft is considering adding a new dark mode command straight to the Action Center (located at the bottom right of your screen) in Windows 11. The latter would enable and disable dark mode with a single click, eliminating the need for laborious back and forth in the settings.

    Windows 11
    Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360, sous Windows 11

    This feature, discovered by Zac Bowden, a Windows Central journalist, does not enable you to initiate an automated changeover (yet greatly wanted), but it does have the benefit of making Windows 11’s dark mode more accessible than it is currently.

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    It’s worth noting that, for the time being, this peculiarity appears to be limited to Insider program participants. According to Neowin, the screenshot given by Zac Bowden also shows this function operational on build 25204 of Windows 11, which has never been released. Microsoft is thus satisfied for the time being to experiment with a new method of conveniently accessing the dark mode.

    At this point, it is uncertain whether Microsoft will opt to implement this functionality on a broad scale in their operating system. However, given the expectation and need for such a service, it would be remarkable if the company chose to discontinue it.

    However, a third-party program called Auto Dark Mode may be used to activate automatic dark mode on Windows 11. This free software, which is available on the Microsoft Store and GitHub, does a fantastic job of replacing a feature that Microsoft would have had to provide natively on Windows 11 for a long time.

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