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Your Meta Quest 3 is receiving a hand-tracking upgrade that may enable foot-tracking.

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In our Apple Vision Pro review, we praised the headset’s dual hand-and-eye tracking technology. Meta has now introduced its own dual-tracking technology for the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro, with eye-tracking replaced with handset tracking, allowing you to use controllers and hands at the same time – and it is already being used for foot-tracking.

Admittedly, this functionality isn’t totally new. Since hand tracking’s release, it has been able to transition between the two inside applications that support both – but there was a latency when switching modes, and the controllers would disappear from your vision as soon as you set them down (making it difficult to find them again in VR).

This new ‘Multimodal’ technique, which tracks both simultaneously, has also been around for a while. It was released in July 2023, but it was in beta, therefore official Quest Store apps and App Lab products could not use it. Instead, applications with Multimodal monitoring would have to be distributed through third-party app shops like as SideQuest.

Now that Quest update v62 has been completely released (via UploadVR), VR games and applications sold through the native Quest Store may include Multimodal tracking for Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro customers. This not only allows programs to switch from one mode to another immediately, but it also allows you to use controllers and your hands simultaneously, opening up new ways to engage with virtual environments.

Perhaps we’ll see an adventure game where you wield a sword in one hand and cast Doctor Strange-style spells with your free hand, or existing apps that only use one controller could add hand-tracking features, such as the ability to make hand gestures to improve communication in multiplayer games.

People who have been testing the function have noted that the new technology might track many body parts at once. In one case, Twitter user @Lunayian connects Quest Pro controllers to their feet, allowing them to utilize their hands and feet in VR without a sophisticated tracking gear.

Unfortunately, the Oculus Quest 2 does not have the computing capacity to support simultaneous hand and controller tracking with its basic handsets. However, you can enable this capability by purchasing and pairing Touch Pro controllers with the headset – they cost $299.99 / £299.99 / AU$479.99 for two – since they track themselves, allowing the Quest 2 to focus on your hands.

However, you may want to wait before purchasing the Touch Pro controllers since, while this capability is already available for developers to utilize in official Quest Store apps, it will take some time for it to appear in your favorite VR and MR games. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long.

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