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Meta wants to turn its Quest headsets into AirPlay receivers

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You may soon be able to AirPlay content from your iPhone to your Meta Quest headset. In a social media post this week, Meta’s VR vice president stated that the business is “asking Apple for permission for Quest to be an AirPlay receiver.”

As reported by UploadVR, Rabkin’s post was in response to a Meta Quest user who complained about the absence of offline download capability in Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video applications. “Why can’t we at least AirPlay content from our iPhones to our Quests?,” a user wrote. “Would make the flying experience much better.”

Rabkin said, “I would absolutely love to do that — we’re asking Apple for the permission for Quest to be an AirPlay receiver.”

If Apple approves Meta’s proposal to make the Quest an AirPlay receiver, customers will be able to broadcast material from their iPhone or iPad to the Meta Quest display.

AG4Tech’s Take

This seems like a very brilliant solution for Meta Quest users. In fact, I believe Apple should include it into Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro also lacks native apps with offline downloading for streaming sites like YouTube. While it is not ideal, being able to download items to my iPhone and then use AirPlay to transmit that information to Vision Pro would be a terrific solution.

There is one caveat: Netflix does not support AirPlay on the iPhone. So adding AirPlay functionality to Vision Pro or Meta Quest would not address the Netflix issue.

Will Apple approve Meta’s request to transform the Quest into an AirPlay receiver? I honestly have no idea. However, Apple has no trouble collaborating with other firms, such as television manufacturers, to expand the availability of AirPlay.

Editor’s note: This has been updated to reflect the fact that Netflix does not support AirPlay either.

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