Nvidia GeForce Now: that’s it, the PC Game Pass arrives with good surprises

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    Nvidia GeForce Now’s cloud gaming service performed admirably in all of our testing. It’s simple: this cloud gaming service is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, web browsers, and even linked televisions. It has by far the greatest image quality, the highest definition (up to 4K), and the lowest latency.

    The only significant stumbling block is the game access system: each game requires a license, which must be purchased separately on Steam, GOG, Epic Games, or another platform. That was, however, before the launch of the PC Game Pass directly on the Nvidia site.

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    Merger of the best services

    The potential was already there, and it is now becoming a reality. PC Game Pass customers who also have an Nvidia GeForce Now subscription will be able to play a pick from the Microsoft library beginning August 24. It is not essential to have purchased the games. In other words, for the total of the two memberships necessary, we get the finest cloud gaming service and the greatest library by subscription for 20 euros per month.

    At first, Deathloop, Grounded, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, and No Man’s Sky will be available. We are still far from the catalog of 452 titles available on Microsoft’s PC service, but the presence of games from third-party publishers is encouraging.

    Indeed, Nvidia and Microsoft promotions have usually concentrated on Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and maybe Activision Blizzard titles, rather than library games not owned by Microsoft. Nonetheless, the two behemoths appear to have the desire to provide the whole collection on GeForce Now.

    Nvidia pledges to keep adding to this inventory week after week. Also, if you are not a PC Game Pass subscriber but have these titles on the Microsoft Store for Windows, you will be able to play on GeForce Now because you have the license.

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