OnePlus is bringing AI to its phones after all

    The integration of generative AI capabilities into mobile devices is already the standard, with firms such as Google and, more recently, Samsung joining the bandwagon for their respective flagship phones. OnePlus AI looked to be taking a different approach, since the OnePlus 12 did not have any spectacular AI gimmicks on launch day. However, that is changing, as the newest ColorOS update brings new generative AI features to the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12 in China.

    As noticed by a Redditor (via Mishaal Rahman), OnePlus China began pushing out the ColorOS upgrade for the OnePlus 11, however it was subsequently revealed that the OnePlus 12 in the area was also receiving the update. An English version of the changelog (attached below) describes the AI enhancements included with the OnePlus 11 upgrade.

    OnePlus AI

    There are three generative AI features listed, including an AI Summarizer that automatically generates a summary of your phone calls. The AI will gather data like as locations, times/dates, action items, “and other key information from your phone calls,” according to OnePlus.

    The next feature is an image editing tool (AIGC Remover), which allows you to eliminate objects and persons from your photos. This is similar to what the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series provide, however the changelog only mentions the ability to remove objects from photographs and makes no mention of video editing.

    The final of the three AI experiences coming to the OnePlus 12 and its predecessor is article summaries, which can supposedly be generated in a single swipe by extracting “key information.” While none of these AI features are as sophisticated as those offered by Google and Samsung, they are a reasonable starting point for OnePlus 11 and 12 customers who believe the firm fell behind the AI curve.

    In addition to these three new AI feature enhancements, users may now use the fingerprint scanner without waking up the phone, according to the changelog. Meanwhile, a new Device motion & orientation permission is added to the Settings, preventing other applications from accessing the phone’s sensors for actions/gestures and display orientation.

    We don’t know whether OnePlus wants to add generative AI capabilities to worldwide versions of its flagships, which run OxygenOS rather than ColorOS. But given that both operating systems are essentially identical in every way, we don’t see why not.

    We first assumed that OnePlus’ choice to skip AI-powered software features on the OnePlus 12 was intended to provide a clean experience. However, it is now clear that the company has always planned to include AI features on its flagships but was unable to do so owing to the OnePlus 12’s early December release in China. The smartphone is presently available for presale in the United States, however some buyers have received it faster than expected.

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