Oppo Find X6: All what you need to know

    The Oppo Find X5 was released in spring 2022, which means the following generation – the Find X6 and Find X6 Pro – is rapidly coming.

    Leaks and official announcements have already begun, and we believe we know a little about the chipsets, cameras, and screens of the two flagship phones anticipated next year.

    Here’s all we know about the Oppo Find X6 series thus far.

    Oppo Find X6

    When will the Oppo Find X6 be released?

    There is no set date for the release of the Find X6. Of course, we may utilize the prior models to estimate when that will occur. Here’s how they arranged themselves:

    • Oppo Find X5 – March 2022
    • Oppo Find X3 – March 2021

    As you can see from the trend above, March is the month in which Oppo releases new generations of the Find X models, therefore the Oppo Find X6 is quite likely to appear in March 2023. According to Oppo’s track record, this will be a worldwide launch, but it will not include the United States.

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    You may be asking what happened to the Find X4 – well, the number 4 is considered unlucky in China, where Oppo is located, therefore the decision was taken to just pass over it and instead move directly to the X5 line.

    How much will the Oppo Find X6 cost?

    Again, there is no definite pricing for the Find X6 series, so we must look back at previous models for guidance. We’re categorizing them by model for your convenience. The standard model is first:

    • Oppo Find X5 – £749/€999.
    • Oppo Find X3 – CNY 4,499 (China only).

    Then comes the Pro:

    • Oppo Find X5 Pro – £1,049/€1,299
    • Oppo Find X3 Pro – £1,099/€1,149

    Then there’s the less expensive Lite:

    • Oppo Find X5 Lite: £419/€499
    • Oppo Find X3 Lite: £379/€449

    Finally, the Neo, albeit we never received a Find X5 Neo, so that line may be finished.

    • Oppo Find X3 Neo: £699/€799

    We don’t anticipate Oppo to go too much from the Find X5 range’s pricing, which currently competes directly with Samsung and Xiaomi, though if present inflation trends continue, the price may climb somewhat.

    What will the Oppo Find X6 specs be?

    Because the Oppo Find X6’s expected release date is still relatively far away, there have been few spec leaks thus far, but information are beginning to seep out – and Oppo has even launched its own formal announcements.

    Let’s start with the design, which appears to be an attempt by Oppo to redefine the line’s design language. That is, at least, according to leaker EvLeaks, who has published this image of a phone that he does not name but is definitely part of the Find X6 series – and quite potentially the Pro variant, given what seems to be a periscope lens at the bottom-left of the camera module.

    Oppo Find X6

    If so, this marks a significant departure from the molded design of the previous two generations, in favor of something much more traditional – albeit with an over-sized camera and a huge Hasselblad logo.

    In terms of specifications, we’ve heard a little bit about chipsets. Oppo has announced that the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU will be used in its next Find X series phone, the Find X6.

    However, this does not guarantee that the 8 Gen 2 will be included in every Find X6 handset. Digital Agent 007, a Weibo leaker, alleges that while the Find X6 Pro will employ the 8 Gen 2, the basic Find X6 will use the older 8+ Gen 1. That seems possible, but take it with a grain of salt because this isn’t a leaker we’ve seen much of before.

    It’s possible that there will be even more versions. The Find X5 Pro was also released in a different version with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, at least in China, and the same might happen with its successor, the Dimensity 9200.

    In a brief report, the more well-known leaker Digital Chat Station also hinted to the screens, claiming that the X6 Pro will have a 2K panel and the X6 will have a 1.5K panel – a phrase we’re starting to see to refer to a 1,220px horizontal resolution. There’s no news on the display technology, but expect at least 120Hz AMOLED screens.

    Next, there are cameras. Once more, Digital Chat Station is our source. He claims that the Find X6 Pro will have three 50Mp sensors on the back: the 1in Sony IMX989 for the main camera with OIS (the same sensor found in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and anticipated to appear in the Xiaomi 13 Pro), the IMX890 for the ultrawide and the 2.7x optical zoom with OIS, and possibly the IMX766 for the telephoto. There will reportedly be a 32Mp camera for selfies that uses the IMX709.

    The Find X6 Pro will be able to capture 4K HDR video in night mode when utilizing the 1in IMX989 sensor, due in part to the phone’s MariSilicon X image processing technology, according to Digital Chat Station. When it is released, this might be the finest phone for low-light video.

    A similar configuration is expected for the standard Find X6. Early sources indicated that it will utilize two 50Mp sensors and a 32Mp sensor – the lesser resolution presumably for the telephoto – however Digital Chat Station has lately stated that all three back cameras will be 50Mp. The IMX890 will be used on the primary camera, with unidentified sensors for the ultrawide and telephoto lenses.

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