Samsung Galaxy S24 : All what you need to know

    The Samsung Galaxy S23 series was a hit when it debuted in February, garnering fantastic reviews and strong sales for Samsung thus far.

    Rumours are now circulating about what its successor may have in store for us when it comes next year. Here’s all we know about the Samsung Galaxy S24 thus far.

    When will the Samsung Galaxy S24 be released?

    Samsung hasn’t officially announced a release date for the Galaxy S24, but the company has a very consistent release schedule for its products, so we’re likely to see the new model around February 2024.

    To illustrate why, consider when the prior S-series flagships debuted:

    • Samsung Galaxy S23 – February 2023
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 – February 2022
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 – January 2021

    The S21 was released towards the end of January, so it’s not much of a hiccup in the timeline. We don’t see why Samsung would need to delay or create a new release window in 2024, so anticipate the Galaxy S24 to arrive in February.

    How much will the Samsung Galaxy S24 cost?

    We don’t know the actual pricing yet, but we can make educated assumptions based on prior models’ prices:

    Regular model

    • Galaxy S23: $799/£849/€959
    • Galaxy S22: $799/£769/€879
    • Galaxy S21: $799/£769/€849

    Plus model

    • Galaxy S23+: $999/£1,049/€1,219
    • Galaxy S22+: $999/£949/€1,079
    • Galaxy S21+: $999/£949/€1,049

    Ultra model

    • Galaxy S23 Ultra: $1,199/£1,249/€1,419
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra: $1,199/£1,149/€1,279
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra: $1,299/£1,149/€1,249

    As you can see, Samsung appears to have landed on very stable pricing in the US, with only minor variations abroad – largely price increases in the UK and Europe this year due to inflation. Let’s hope the corporation can avoid boosting interest rates for the second year in a row.

    What about the Samsung Galaxy S24 specs and features?

    We don’t have any definite upgrades at the moment because Samsung hasn’t revealed any details about the S24 range. Of course, that hasn’t prevented the speculation mill from churning, and many leaks have already surfaced, indicating that Samsung fans may have plenty to look forward to, particularly in the Ultra.


    The cameras on the Galaxy S23 Ultra are already pretty good, and it appears that Samsung will not be tampering with them. However, one claim from leaker RGcloudS says that the telephoto camera’s maximum magnification might be increased from 100x to 150x, with the optical element being changeable rather than fixed. There may also be upgrades to the optics and the addition of a larger aperture, all of which should add up to a significant boost in the S24 Ultra’s photographic capabilities.


    As you’d expect from a flagship phone, the chip inside will be top-tier. The S24 is most likely to be equipped with the newest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which should have been released by then. According to Sammobile, the new chip might include a GPU that is 50% quicker than the one found in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that drives the S23 series.

    That, however, is not certain, as our own Henry Burrell learned when he interviewed Won-Joon Choi, Samsung’s Executive Vice President, Mobile R&D, at this year’s Mobile World Congress. During the debate, it was revealed that Samsung would not rule out a return to the Exynos CPUs that have been used in the company’s non-US models for several years. Because nothing is fixed in stone, only time will tell.

    144Hz display

    Samsung presently employs 120Hz displays in its Galaxy S lineup, but a leak from SamLover suggests that this might be increased to 144Hz with the S24 Ultra. This should make the smartphone silky smooth while scrolling, as well as unlock all that power and make it a mobile gamer’s dream.

    Upgraded battery

    With all of the power that the Samsung S24 is sure to have, it will require an efficient and capacious battery inside to keep the show going. If GSMArena’s story is correct, this shouldn’t be a problem. According to this, Samsung is developing a novel stacked battery architecture inspired by electric vehicles. This would allow a greater density cell to be crammed into the same area as the previous ones, providing an immediate boost and allowing for longer charging durations. If Samsung can pull it off, expect this to become the industry standard in the coming years.

    That’s all we’ve got so far but be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be updating this article as more information comes to us.

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