Samsung aims to improve your mid-range smartphone.

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    After being offered on some Samsung Galaxy F and M smartphones at the start of the year and in the spring, Samsung’s Voice Focus functionality has now been extended to various Galaxy A devices.

    Samsung Galaxy A23, for illustration
    Samsung Galaxy A23, for illustration

    Samsung is using the gradual rollout of One UI 5.0 on its Galaxy A mid-range handsets to include Voice Focus. This feature, which was introduced earlier this year to Galaxy M lineage devices (including the Galaxy F23 5G, M33 5G, and M53 5G), helps to improve sound quality during calls. In a nutshell, this invention improves your smartphone.

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    Voice Focus, in detail, improves voice quality during calls in some way. Both parties can now hear each other more clearly. Samsung’s technology filters out background noise while identifying and amplifying voice frequencies. This functionality also has the advantage of being fully compatible with third-party call apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and Zoom.


    However, according to SamMobile, if the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, and Galaxy A73 5G are actually due to acquire Voice Focus, only these three devices are now qualified for the Galaxy A range. are otherwise only available in India. At this time, Samsung has not announced whether Voice Focus would be available in other markets with One UI 5.0, but it would be strange if the company denied its other users access to such an important daily feature.

    Voice Focus should eventually make its way to other Samsung mid-range devices, such as the Galaxy A23 5G.

    As a reminder, the Galaxy A should receive the Android 13 / One UI 5.0 update in December 2022. If Voice Focus is not expected to be available everywhere right once, there is little doubt that the release of Android 13 will be a welcome consolation prize while we wait for a (likely) more comprehensive offering.


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