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Windows 11: what’s new in the Moment 5 update expected in 2024

Moment 5, a new update for Windows 11 featuring modifications to system functionality, will be available shortly. The following are the anticipated new features.

The rate at which Windows 11 updates is exceptional. In addition to a large annual upgrade to its system in the autumn, Microsoft occasionally releases a less important update with some fascinating new features. These brief updates are referred to as “moments.” Microsoft is anticipated to release Windows 11 Moment 5 in February 2024. The following are the anticipated new features.

New products exclusive to Europe

This update will put Windows 11 in line with Europe’s new DMA requirements. Microsoft has opted not to make these updates available to all users, but only to devices in the European Union.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge

Among the big changes promised, the possibility of uninstalling certain applications at the heart of Windows 11 including the Microsoft Edge browser:

  • Camera ;
  • Cortana ;
  • Microsoft Edge ;
  • Searching the Web with Microsoft Bing;
  • Microsoft Photos.

The goal is to give more complete control back to the user to choose the software and services to use with their system.

Choose Google as your search engine

Microsoft has integrated a search bar in the Windofws taskbar since Windows 10. It enables you to initiate a search on your PC and the Internet. The latter must be done using Bing. With Windows 11 Moment 5, it will be able to integrate Google or another search engine.

Arcade games

Arcade games are now available on the Microsoft Store. This is a collection of easy games that do not require downloading or installation.

These games are based on web technologies to operate. They allow you to pass the time without too many constraints.

Other new features

The stylus to navigate the system

Among the minor modifications is the ability to use the PC stylus, provided your computer supports it, to write directly by hand and navigate the system.

Windows 11

For example, being able to write directly by hand in the system settings search menu to find the right setting.

A cooler name for your PC

Did you know that Windows has a feature that is comparable to Apple’s AirDrop? This enables wireless file transmission from one PC to another.

With this update, you will be able to give your PC a more descriptive name so that it can be identified by other machines. For example, “Cassim’s super cool PC” instead of “HP Vivo Ultra x75E4H-G ”

Changes for Windows Copilot

This version also contains a number of modifications for Windows Copilot, the ChatGPT-style AI in Windows 11. Unfortunately, this feature does not exist in France.

Windows 11

This update will allow you to reposition the Windows Copilot window and have it appear in the Alt+Tab menu if you still have access to it. The AI may now be accessed from any screen. As a result, Microsoft is working hard to make it more user-friendly.

Release date

Windows 11 Moment 5 is expected to begin rolling out in February 2024. Microsoft could even publicly name this update “February 2024.”

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