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The Best Vivo smartphones in 2023

Vivo is a relatively new brand in the European telecommunications market, with a rather diverse catalog of devices. Follow the guide to find the best Vivo smartphones right now.

Making place for the sun in an already crowded industry like cellphones is difficult. Following a successful debut into China, where he is now ranked second only to Apple, the Chinese constructor Vivo landed in Europe at the end of 2020 with the goal of winning a market already fully filled by his Chinese counterparts.

In the face of major competitors such as Xiaomi, Realm, and Oppo, the Chinese company has a catalog of smartphones that is still relatively narrow and readable — in contrast to manufacturers such as Xiaomi, which increases the outputs of new models. Vivo has also built a little reputation for the photo quality of its smartphones owing to a collaboration with Zeiss.

Do you want to discover which phones are the most popular right now? Take a look at our list of the top smartphones in 2023.


The Vivo X80 Pro is the company’s latest flagship device. He positions himself as one of the greatest high-end smartphones on the market, with a strong technological foundation and an appealing design. Despite its huge bulk and big picture block, the phone has a solid grip.

The Vivo X80 Pro held in hand

Its primary selling point is clearly its camera. The four goals created in partnership with the specialized brand Zeiss are all outstanding. The shots presented are detailed and have good color fidelity. A minor disadvantage is that night mode does not produce images of the same quality. The X80 Pro is capable of recording video in 8K 24 fps or 4K 60 fps.

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The smartphone’s internal power is its second driving factor. It is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU that handles the animation, together with 12 GB of RAM memory. All of these components allow the phone to run the most voracious applications without overheating. The 4,700 mAh battery is insufficient to power the device for a whole day. Vivo, on the other hand, has a quick load of 80 W, allowing it to reach 100% in 40 minutes.

Finally, the phone’s touch screen is 6.78 inches and uses AMOLED technology. This has a WQHD resolution and can refresh at a rate of up to 120 Hz. The colors are quite true, although the brightness is little low, peaking at 655 cd / m 2.


Vivo’s top end is represented by the “X” series. The Vivo X60 Pro is the most recent addition to this lineup. A smartphone that confirms its objectives by first demonstrating its standing as a premium product through a controlled design from start to end.

best vivo smartphones

The smartphone’s touch screen is a 6.56-inch AMOLED slab with a resolution of Full HD Plus. The cherry on top is an adjustable refresh rate capable of reaching 120 Hz. An IP67 seal certification is also available.

One of the telephone forces is also active. The Snapdragon 870 CPU, together with 12 GB of RAM memory, is suitable for all conditions. As a result, titles may be played on mobile devices without any difficulty. In terms of autonomy, a 4,200 mAh battery is installed, allowing it to last a day. The quick charge at 33 W may fully charge this battery in one hour.

The photography portion is divided into three distinct aims. The overall composition of the images is still nice. We shall pay special attention to the gimbal sensor’s role to video stabilization. In a nutshell, this phone is a wonderful introduction to Vivo.


Following the more traditional V21, but above all self-centered V21, the Chinese manufacturer provides a new idea for his Vivo V23. The brand emphasizes a smartphone with a more refined appearance that includes several characteristics from the iPhone 13. The grip is strong, but it becomes slick as you sweat. The color shift on the rear side is undoubtedly unique, and it may become a major draw among your friends…

On a daily basis, the change in back color can have a small side of abstract art …

The phone’s other force is stored in its camera section. For selfies, a dual sensor with a primary module at 50 megapixels and an ultra-wide angle at 8 megapixels is proposed. A twin LED flash completes the arrangement. Vivo has a plethora of appealing features and is one of the few manufacturers that place such emphasis on this aspect of the camera. The one in the rear is decent without attracting too many people.

The Vivo V23 is built on a MediaTek Dimensity 920 CPU in terms of performance. It has 12 GB of RAM memory and 256 GB of storage, providing you with adequate everyday power. Of course, this isn’t ideal for Fortnite, but the performance is adequate for a genuine photo smartphone.

Put one more word on the touch screen. The Vivo 23 features a stunning 6.44-inch AMOLED screen. Among the offered features is an adjustable refresh rate that ranges from 60 to 90 Hz.


Vivo’s first high-end smartphone, the X51 5G, was released in 2020. The maker demonstrated his expertise with a design while rounding for a first test in the West. With curved edges, the product’s grip is simple to test your hand.

best vivo smartphones

The smartphone offers high autonomy owing to its 4,315 mAh battery in terms of quality. The Vivo X51 5G is hardly a marathon runner, but it will last around a day and a half. This is complemented with a respectable configuration topped by a Snapdragon 765G CPU with 8 GB of RAM, which provides good performance and hence good value for money.

Photography has previously introduced the gimbal sensor for video stability, but it is not the sole use. Photography is supported by four complementary goals, the most important of which is built by Sony. The overall portrayal of the photos is impressive, despite some criticism of color accuracy.

A gorgeous 6.56 inch AMOLED screen developed by Samsung is used for the touch screen. Overall, the Vivo X51 5G is a nice product; nevertheless, he starts to accuse his age, and you should wait for deals, particularly on Black Friday, if you are interested.


Aside from the top end, the Chinese maker also targets lower price points aimed at a younger clientele. This is the case with the Vivo V21, which is clearly geared for selfies and general photography.

best vivo smartphones

The V21 is a smartphone intended for photography, which is unusual at this pricing point. These three photography objectives are set at the back to capture pretty varied photographs. Particularly at the front, where a total aim of 44 megapixels is established and a specialized photo mode is there. You will have realized that the smartphone is a highly appealing investment.

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Do not believe that the product ignores other aspects. A MediaTek Dimensity 800 U processor with 8 GB of RAM therefore ensures the animation. Even with some lag, the software processing of the photographs is fairly rapid. The 4,000 mAh battery lasts a whole day.

Finally, the touch screen is 6.44 inches and has a Full HD Plus resolution. The planned refreshment has a frequency range of up to 90 Hz.


Vivo’s most economical line is denoted by the letter Y. Among the most current models in the catalog is the Y72, a gadget at the entry level of the mid-range with an intriguing technical sheet.

best vivo smartphones

Unlike the other models, this one aspires for consistency in its applications. To do this, the phone boasts a stunning 5,000 mAh battery with a quick charge of 18 W. So much so that opponents commend the telephone for its ability to control autonomy in all situations. Understand that he will become a companion in your everyday life without your intervention.

A Mediatek Dimensity 700 compliant 5G CPU is in charge of animation. The CPU is also backed by 8 GB of RAM memory to ensure smooth functioning regardless of the application required. The Vivo Y72 is hardly a thunderbolt, but it gets the job done.

The camera has made some compromises in the vulnerable location. Although the phone features a triple sensor, the overall depiction is too fair to be adequate. Similarly, the 6.58 LCD panel has a little lower brightness but restricted cooling to 60 Hz.

These flaws must, of course, be considered within the context of the sale price, which is still extremely reasonable. In terms of quality/price ratio, the Vivo Y72 5G is a terrific buy at roughly 250 dollars.



Vivo, a former part of the BBK Electronics company, achieved full independence in 2001. As a result, the brand has no affiliation with Oppo, OnePlus, or Realme. The business released its first smartphones in 2011 for the Chinese market, with plans to expand into Europe and Hexagon in 2020. The brand is consistently ranked among the top three phone sellers in China.


Several ranges are offered in the European manufacturer’s catalog. It is therefore vital to distinguish between these in order to assist you in making the best possible decision.

1. The X range. It is Vivo’s flagship series, featuring a high-level technical sheet and strong performance. The photography experience is excellent. If smartphones start at 700 dollars, they may be found for approximately 500 dollars.

2. The V range.  The second name of the manufacturer is aimed towards a younger clientele. The devices in the line, including the V21, focus heavily on their design as well as the photo experience. Selfies are frequently praised. They cost roughly 350 dollars.

3. The Y range. This is Vivo’s entry-level model. This letter’s cellphones are mostly concerned with pricing quality. There should be a differentiation between 4G and 5G items. The price range is between 200 and 300 dollars.

This will allow you to quickly scan the range and identify the product you want.


In comparison to the competition, the Chinese company stands out first with a unique communication style. Vivo, for example, targets a young audience as one of the sponsors of Euro 2020. Some aspects must be considered when using cellphones.

    1. The emphasis is on photography, most notably through collaboration with Zeiss.
    2. The« » line includes three years of software monitoring, assuring three major Android upgrades.
    3. Vivo phones include Funtouch OS home overlay. Now with version 12, it’s getting closer and closer to stock Android.
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