iPhone 15 Pro: Apple could still drive up prices

    After the iPhone 14, Apple would plan for another price rise on the iPhone. The ever-increasing cost of technology is in doubt.

    In 2022, Apple raised the price of its iPhone significantly, pushing all new models beyond the 1,000 euro barrier. This was an adjustment to the price of the euro in Europe for the corporation.

    Following the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 would be eligible for a price hike.

    iPhone 15 Pro
    Objectives 13, 26 and 77 mm of the iPhone 13 Pro Max


    This time, the price hike would not be restricted to Europe, but would apply to the iPhone’s worldwide edition as well. The report originates on Weibo, where an internet user claims that Apple would raise its prices with the iPhone 15 Pro.

    iPhone 15 Pro

    This is a really believable rumor. Apple is likely to release the iPhone 15 Pro with a new Apple A17 Bionic processor built on the latest TSMC 3 nanometer technology. Apple would have saved a large portion of its production for the fleas of its iPhone and Macs. However, moving to 3 nm would be expensive. TSMC’s pricing have risen progressively over the years. A wafer in 3 nm would have cost more than 20,000 dollars, compared to 16,000 dollars for the identical wafer in 5 nm.

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    Other projected modifications for the iPhone 15, such as the titanium chassis or the introduction of the periscope, might raise the device’s design cost. As many fees as Apple can pass on to the consumer without affecting its profitability.

    To learn about the pricing grid in Europe, you’ll have to wait until the end of the year and the unveiling of the new iPhone. Meanwhile, it is prudent to plan for a tariff hike, even if it means being pleasantly surprised if customers avoid it.

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