Samsung pulled a surprise similar to Apple. An unpacked announcement

    A smart ring is on the way

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    It doesn’t happen very frequently, but Samsung managed to make an Apple-style ‘one more thing’ revelation during its Unpacked launch event last night. Almost everything is leaked ahead of events like this leaving nothing to the imagination, but the full surprise reveal was the Galaxy Ring, a new health and wellness device you’ll wear on your finger.

    Perhaps the reason Samsung was able to prevent leaks for this gadget is that we know so little about it. Essentially, it’s called the Galaxy Ring and is a smart ring akin to the Oura Ring Gen 3.

    Samsung simply stated on stage: “Today we are taking the possibilities of Samsung health to the next level.” By combining Samsung Health’s cutting-edge technology into a whole new form factor. We’ve designed a powerful and accessible health and wellness gadget that will transform the face of future health in ways that only Samsung can.”

    It may not even arrive this year, and Samsung has not said when we will learn more about the smartphone, so your estimate is as good as ours. Fingers crossed this isn’t a Galaxy Home issue, as Samsung unveiled their smart speaker in 2018 but it never made it to market.

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    We may make some predictions about what it will be able to achieve because it appears that Samsung is targeting rivals like as the Oura, which claimed in March 2022 that it had sold one million rings.

    From the quick glimpse at the Galaxy Ring at Unpacked, we can see that the ring contains multiple sensors on the inside. One of these will undoubtedly be a heart rate sensor, allowing it to continuously monitor your heart rate.

    A focus on health and wellbeing implies that the device would measure your steps and exercise in the same way that a smartwatch can. The remaining sensors may detect blood oxygen and skin temperature.

    If Samsung wants to match Oura’s flagship ring, the Galaxy Ring will need to have a battery life of seven days and be waterproof to 100m. The Ring Gen 3 is partly made from titanium and comes in eight sizes and a range of finishes.

    Despite the focus on health, it’s also safe to assume the Galaxy Ring will come with an NFC chip making it easy to make contactless payments or unlock your phone without needing the fingerprint sensor.

    As for price, it’s impossible to say but the Oura Ring Gen 3 is $299 so that gives a good indication if Samsung were to make the Galaxy Ring to a similar spec.

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