ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap review – a nice alternate strap for the Meta Quest 3

    If you’re using the standard strap that came with your Meta Quest 3, I urge you to find a replacement as soon as possible. After using VR headsets for ~10 years, I can assure you that a better strap will significantly enhance your VR experience. Not only that, but you’ll feel less uncomfortable afterwards and may even be able to keep your hair groomed. ZyberVR brought me their new ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap to test out, so I gave it a shakedown run and will try to summarize my opinions below!

    What is it? Definition

    The ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap is an upgraded strap for the Meta Quest 3 VR headset. It has a highly adjustable band with cushioned straps behind and above the head, as well as fast dial knobs for each. It promises to alleviate discomfort and tiredness caused by the tight elastic bands that came with the original headset by shifting the weight to the back of the head rather than the top.

    What’s in Box?

    • ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap.
    • Instruction book/ quick start guide.

    ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap

    Design and features

    ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap

    The ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap is constructed of plastic and foam. A Velcro strap connects the rear bands, and the headband has a convenient wire-routing clasp. A joint on both sides allows you to alter the geometry of where you tighten the strap around your head, accommodating a broad range of head shapes and sizes.

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    ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap

    The dial knobs on the back enable for fast tightening and loosening of the bands. I prefer this type of adjustability versus Velcro tabs since it allows me to tighten things up and conveniently remove them later.

    A look at the cushioning on the inside of the band. The upper pieces contain foam cushioning and are suitable for lengthy VR sessions.

    ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap

    The back of the band is a beautiful oval that cradles the bottom back of your head. This solution allows for a snug fit that does not shake around when playing, but does not feel like it is gripping your head the entire time, as the traditional bands do.

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    Installation and Use

    ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap

    Setting up the ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap is as simple as pushing the front/sides of the headset strap onto the headset. These snap into place tightly with a light pressure (and may be readily removed later if necessary). Even the USB-C charging connector is still available after installation.

    You next loosen the strap by twisting the rear knob counterclockwise, and place it on your head. The back pad should be placed on the bottom portion of the back of your skull, with the top strap directly over your head. You will then tighten the back until it is snug.

    After several hours of VR gaming and media consumption, I found the ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap to be almost as comfortable. I only give the Meta strap an advantage here because the weight of the battery in the rear half of the strap works as a counterweight to balance the weight of the headset itself. Without the back counter weight, the Meta Quest 3 headset felt somewhat heavier on my face.

    Aside from that, it was quite comfy, and I could play for hours without any concerns. If you’re comparing this to Meta’s Elite Strap, even before considering pricing, I’d recommend ZyberVR’s version because I like the top band orientation over Meta’s right-down-the-forehead top strap on their Elite band.

    What I like about the ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap

    • Much better ergonomics than the original Meta Quest 3 headstrap, and I also like it over the Meta Quest 3 Elite strap.
    • Great range of adjustability for different head shapes and sizes.
    • The dial-style tightening mechanism on the back headstrap is excellent.
    • Cheaper than the Meta alternatives

    Final thoughts/Verdict

    The ZyberVR Zero Quest 3 Elite Strap is an easy recommendation from me for anybody searching for a comfortable non-battery head strap replacement for their Meta Quest 3. It costs substantially less than the first-party Elite Strap. ZyberVR also has a battery-pack version, which I may have to test eventually! Alternatively, the ZyberVR Neck Power Bank is an excellent solution to increase runtime without adding weight to your head.

    Price: $29.99

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    Where to buy: You can still but it from their website: ZyberVR.

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